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The Séance Oracle: Divination & Spirit Deck

The Séance Oracle: Divination & Spirit Deck

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Join the Circle! The Séance Oracle is an elegant 54-card deck from paranaturalist E.R. Perkins that merges the timeless archetypes of the Tarot with the evocative imagery of a Victorian séance table to create a genuinely unique divination tool. This hauntingly atmospheric and intuitive oracle system is printed on E27 'eco-herbage' sustainable cardstock. It is a system of fate and influence for use at any skill level. This two-for-one deck includes;

  • 22 numbered oracle cards transmuted from the Major Arcana of the Tarot into bold symbols from the height of Victorian era spiritualism.
  • A complete, numbered A-Z Alphabet deck for use int Ouija-style spirit contact, utilizing an upturned glass or the included planchette card.
  • A YES and NO card for use in spirit board or pendulum work.
  • A POINTER card for use as planchette or for inclusion in divination spread.
  • A GOODBYE card for closing spirit sessions.
  • A BANISH card with spell for expelling unwanted spirits.

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